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Warriors Youth Rugby is a club for 3rd-8th grade boys and girls.  We strive to teach rugby fundamentals in a fun and positive environment.  Our coaches use the Rookie Rugby Coaching Manual supported by USA Rugby.  This non-contact version of rugby uses flags, instead of tackling.  Players will be taught correct passing, catching, and offensive/defensive formations.

Players will be placed into appropriate age divisions for drills and game play.  The divisions are as follows:  3rd/4th, 5th/6th, & 7th/8th.  Players will have a 45 min. drills/practice time followed by 1 hour of game play.  Each game will be 14-20 minutes.  Players will play 2-3 games each session.

We encourage parents to be involved in the drill/practice time.  It is our mission to not only educate our players, but parents as well.  We believe that parental support is an integral part to developing a youth rugby community.

Warriors Youth Ruby also strives to instill sportsmanship, teamwork and respect.  These important aspects of being an athlete will be taught and reinforced consistently throughout our season.


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Warriors Youth Rugby is dedicated to providing quality rugby instruction, as well as, developing sportsmanship, teamwork and respect.  Our goal is to foster a love for the game of rugby and provide our players with a positive, engaging and fun learning environment.  We also strive to increase the number of youth rugby players in our community through local clinics, leagues and education.